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Monday, 5 September 2011

True Love: Marriage Helps Couples Survive Medical Heart Ailments

So how's your marriage? A new study recommends you do your best to make it work as there are several health related benefits that stem from a happy union aside from the emotional rewards. However, the bond does not affect both genders the same and the study from the American Psychological Association goes into some detail especially as it pertains to heart ailments. Of interest is the discovery that the advantages of marriage are different for men and women.

In fact, Harry Reis, a coauthor of the study and professor of psychology comments that:

"...the effects of marital satisfaction are every bit as important to survival after bypass surgery as more traditional risk factors like tobacco use, obesity, and high blood pressure. Wives need to feel satisfied in their relationships to reap a health dividend, but the payoff for marital bliss is even greater for women than for men.".......................

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