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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

10 Least Stressful Jobs of 2011 - 9: Occupational Therapist

9. Occupational Therapist

Stress Rank: 35
Stress Score: 13.22
Hiring Outlook Rank: 8 out of 200
Hours Per Day: 6-8
Income: $70,193.00
Occupational Therapists help to develop individualized programs of activity for mentally, physically, developmentally and emotionally impaired persons and to aid them in achieving self-reliance. Growth and demand for occupational therapists is driven largely by the increasing aging population.

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  1. dear, its good to have lots of information on site & its also very helpful for others. what tools do u have for mental illness pt, kindly let ken know, if possible free of cost, do mail on my mail

    bye, tkr, keep it up

    your truly
    Gautam kumar
    Occupational Therapist